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The Challenge

St. Helens-based Accuro manages a national network of more than 400 professional transcribers.

Using the firm’s secure hub, customers ranging from NHS and private hospital operators to national legal and insurance firms, can safely submit dictation for transcribing and once completed, the document can be uploaded back to the hub where it can be securely accessed.

The brief was to drill down to test the safety and security of this hub to ensure that customers retained their confidence in the company’s attitude to data security.



The Solution

Calibre’s solution saw its cyber security and qualified ethical hackers undertake penetration testing work involving risk and compliance analysis of Accuro’s website before providing a detailed set of recommendations for improvements.

Following implementation of these, Calibre completed a final phase of testing before certifying the system, supplementing Accuro’s ISO27001 accreditation – it is important that the company’s systems are accredited to confirm that its technology is as safe and secure from attacks as possible.



The Benefits

Protecting customer data is an integral part of commercial activity today and the penetration testing at Accuro has ensured that its systems operate in a compliant and secure environment.

Furthermore, Calibre’s expertise protects reputations, improves productivity, saves money and provides added peace-of-mind.



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