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Education is rapidly evolving and with it the demand for fast, safe and secure, and cost effective IT solutions. Whether it’s in a school, a college or a university, today’s classroom is wired for learning success thanks to an irresistible array of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), interactive e-Learning technologies that benefit students and teachers – all connected to super-fast and secure wireless internet and digital services.

This underscores the importance of having IT engineering expertise on hand that understands the issues and nuances and can ‘talk’ to education providers in a common and jargon-free language to deliver standardised and ubiquitous connectivity built on enterprise grade networks.

With extensive experience of designing, delivering and managing enterprise grade networks for schools and other education providers operating on limited budgets, Calibre’s packages include cost effective Enterprise Class IT solutions to meet requirements for scalable, resilient, robust and future proof systems. We offer a free audit of your current infrastructure to ensure that you are ready to use mobile devices and to get the most from your investment.