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Help My Building Has Been Hacked


Help My Building Has Been Hacked

In 2013, Google – one of the world’s pre-eminent tech companies – was hacked.
It wasn’t its search engine that was attacked or its advertising platform or even its social network, Google+. Instead, it was a building.
Two cybersecurity experts hacked into its Wharf 7 office in Sydney, Australia, through Google’s building management system (BMS).
One of them, Billy Rios, says: “Me and my colleague have a lot of experience in cybersecurity, but it is not something that people couldn’t learn.
“Once you understand how the systems work, it is very simple.”
He found the vulnerable systems on Shodan, a search engine that lists devices connected to the internet, and then ran it through his own software to identify who owned the building.

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Posted by Calibre Web Team  Posted on 20 Apr 
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