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North East expertise sees company move into ‘ethical hacking’


North East expertise sees company move into ‘ethical hacking’

North East IT expertise has put the region at the head of the new “ethical hacking” movement aiming to protect organisations from malicious hacks.

With cyber-crime high on many firms’ agendas – international law firm Mossack Fonseca being the latest high profile victim – a number of IT firms have begun marketing ethical hackers: experts who try to penetrate computer systems to find security vulnerabilities that malicious hackers could exploit.

IT services provider Calibre Secured Networks, which is based on Newcastle’s Science Central campus, has begun offering an ethical hacking service and recently completed a contract for Accuro, which manages a national network of professional transcribers working in the healthcare, insurance and legal sectors.

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Posted by Calibre Web Team  Posted on 06 Apr 
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