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St Aidans Catholic Academy BYOD


St Aidans Catholic Academy BYOD

The Challenge

Although the school already had a wireless network, it had become end of life and did not meet the schools requirements.staids

The school’s senior management and the governing body identified its replacement both as a primary business need and an educational opportunity.

Their criteria for a new solution were:
A highly reliable, high speed school-wide wireless network
Affordable within the school’s budget constraints
Support mobile devices not just Windows PCs enabling students to bring their own laptops, smartphones or tablets
Enable management of the content to ensure it is strictly education



The Solution

Rather than an on-site hardware based solution, Calibre proposed a cloud-based wireless network from Meraki. The reason for proposing Meraki was simple
instead of wireless access points being managed by on site hardware controllers, the Meraki access points are managed by a software controller which hostedstaids
on the internet or “cloud”. The platform is very easy to use, offering network management via a single dashboard which is rich in features.
Calibre also proposed Meraki‘s Systems Manager solution, a free platform which allows the school manage mobile devices belonging to students and staff.
Systems Manager allows the school to install software, applications relevant to any subjects, control security and even track any devices that become lost.



The Benefits

Cost savings
Because the controller is in the cloud, it saves the expense of installing a physical controller. The dashboard provides an enormous number of features out of
the box which would normally require independent pieces of hardware or additional licensing.

The solution puts the student at the heart of the ICT solution which delivers material relevant to the whole curriculum, cementing the educational experience.
Data can be shared, device to device, encouraging collaborative working between students.

The Meraki solution offers flexibility in terms of both free software updates and features, allowing the solution to be future proofed, therefore maximising any ROI.
The Meraki solution is highly redundant and resilient with 99.999% up time and 3 years meantime between any failure. All Meraki hardware carries a lifetime
warranty with next day replacement units as standard.

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