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Pre-Delivery Technical Assurance


The delivery of any project can be complex and will invariably contain risks. Even if you already have a delivery partner, it can be wise to seek design validation of proposals. Our Pre-Delivery Technical Assurance services are designed to make sure any proposals provided to you are technically sound and will meet your requirements. This can be invaluable when dealing with large complex technical projects or just where you need to be sure you are getting the right solution at the right price. Post-Delivery Technical AssuranceFor those occasions where things don’t go according to plan, our Post-Delivery Technical Assurance services can help. This is a rapid response technical troubleshooting and remediation service designed to quickly identify causes of any issues after or during delivery and then produce a remediation plan to address them. This can be invaluable for any size platform but especially for large complex deployments particularly where service penalties may be involved.


 Our Technical Assurance Services Can Provide.


  • Peace of Mind during tender processes helping you get the right solution.
  • Rapid resolution of existing problems
  • Remediation Planning and Implementation
  • Reduction of risk


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